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Special Bubbles

Icon Name Description

Resorces Bubble Coconut-Icon

Coconut Bubble Coconuts can knock down fruit and get rid of pesky Poacher Traps!

Resorces Bubble Steel-Icon

Steel Bubble Use the Steel Bubble to knock down more fruit than coconuts or dislodge Spawners!

Resorces Bubble Sticky Bomb-Icon

Sticky Bomb Bubble Sticky Bombs stick to any bubble and detonate after 3 additional shots.

Resorces Bubble Lightning-Icon

Lightning Bubble Lightning Bubbles zap fruit and hazards out of your way!

Resorces Bubble Rainbow-Icon

Rainbow Bubble The Rainbow Bubble matches any bubble it touches!

Resorces Paint Bubble-Icon

Paint Bubble The Paint Bubble will paint the surrounding bubbles the same color as the one it hits.

Resorces Fire Bubble-Icon

Fire Bubble You get 3 Fire Bubbles when On Fire Mode is initiated and also as standard fire-able bubbles from level 92.

Resorces Clocks-Icon

Clocks Drop or pop Clock Bubbles to add time to your Basket Bomb Hazards.

Standard Bubbles

Icon Name Fruit
Resorces Bubble Blue-Icon Blue Bubble Resorces Fruit Blue-Icon
Resorces Bubble Cyan-Icon Cyan Bubble Resorces Fruit Cyan-Icon
Resorces Bubble Green-Icon Green Bubble Resorces Fruit Green-Icon
Resorces Bubble Pink-Icon Pink Bubble Resorces Fruit Pink-Icon
Resorces Bubble Purple-Icon Purple Bubble Resorces Fruit Purple-Icon
Resorces Bubble Yellow-Icon Yellow Bubble Resorces Fruit Yellow-Icon