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The maximum energy you can have at any one time is 15 regardless of how many energy gifts you receive!

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If friends have sent you energy, when the game first loads DON'T accept energy from friends because it will just be wasted! Instead, close your gift inbox and play the game until all of your energy has been used up, then return to your inbox (by clicking on the Inbox Envelope-icon in the top right) and accept your energy gifts to replenish your energy bar. Inbox Energy-Screenshot

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What is Energy for?

You need energy to play each level on Bubble Safari.
  • Each game requires 3 Resources Energy-Icon to play.

How to get more Energy

  • You automatically receive 3 Resources Energy-Icon every 30 minutes.
  • Friends can send you energy.
  • 3 Resources Energy-Icon is awarded for reaching 3 stars on completion of any game level.
  • You are also awarded 10 Resources Energy-Icon when you unlock a new stage.
  • Energy can also be bought for Safari Cash when used up.