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As you progress through the levels of Bubble Safari you will encounter numerous Hazards that usually require a certain game playing technique to overcome them and/or a clever choice of Power Ups.
Most Hazards can be blasted away using a fire ball (On Fire Mode) but all Hazards can be dropped by popping all the connecting bubbles around it.
Icon Name Impendence Amelioration Threat
Resorces Bubble Coconut-Icon
Coconut Bubbles Obstruction Can be dropped or blasted with: Coconut Bubbles, Steel Bubbles, Lightning Bubbles, On Fire Mode Low
Resorces Bubble Steel-Icon
Steel Bubbles Obstruction & Immune to On Fire Mode!! Can only be dropped, zapped with Lightning Bubbles or hit with other Steel Bubbles. Low
Hazard Beehive-Icon
Beehives Disturbed easily. Bees will sting you and waste 5 of your bubbles! Knock them with Coconuts, Steel Bubbles, Lightning, On Fire Mode. Otherwise you have 5 shots to drop them! Medium
Hazard Spawner-Icon
Spawners Spawners spit out random colored bubbles! Hit them with Steel Bubbles or blast with Lightning Bubbles or On Fire Mode. Medium
Hazard Poacher Trap-Icon
Poacher Trap 'GAME OVER'
if hit
Avoid like the plague, make matches above to drop them, or planting localized Sticky Bombs may help.


Hazard Game Over-Icon
Hazard Rotten Fruit-Icon
Rotten Fruit DEDUCTS your score when collected in baskets! The key is to pop as many Rotten Fuits rather than letting them drop! On Fire Mode will help here. Medium or High if in large numbers!
Hazard Vines-Icon
Vines Gradually devours bubbles with every shot. Make matches quickly to force the vines back, Blast them with On Fire Mode, or drop them. High
Hazard Flower Blossoms-Icon
Flower Blossoms Spits out loads of bubbles which change the color of surrounding bubbles. On Fire Mode will help you a lot or you can hit them with any Special Bubbles,or drop them quickly to rid them. High
Hazard Poacher Bots-Icon
Poacher Bots Counts down with every shot and produces a whole row of random colored bubbles when it's counter reaches zero! Blast them with On Fire Mode, knock them down with any Special Bubbles, or drop them before their timer runs out. High
Hazard Basket Bomb-Icon
Basket Bomb These bombs sit on top of one of your baskets and threaten to end the game early if you don't drop some clocks. Pop or drop special Clock Bubbles to increase the 'timer'. Popping or dropping other bubbles that don't have clocks will decrease the timer until the bomb explodes. High

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