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What is On Fire Mode?

On Fire Mode Lvl4-Screenshot

On Fire Mode Unlocked (Lvl 4)

The On Fire Mode is the key to success in Bubble Safari it gives your shooter the power to blast through many bubbles and/or Hazards (except the Steel Bubble) with a single Fire Bubble.
On Fire Mode-Screenshot

On Fire Mode Screenshot

On Fire Mode gives you 3x Fire Bubble that have to be fired within 30 seconds

How to become On Fire

Heating Up-Screenshot

"Heating Up"
...for On Fire Mode Screenshot

To initiate On Fire Mode first of all you need to be at level 4 or higher then you need to drop fruit three consecutive times. On the second "fruit drop" a notice will appear on the screen saying "Heating Up" (see pic) and your shooter will start to smoke. Extra Fire Bubbles can be purchased from the Power Up Store at a cost of 12 Resources Safari Cash-Icon and once purchaced they will be used for the next 3 consecutive games.