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What are Safari Coins for?

Safari Coins are a virtual currency for the use of buying items in Bubble Safari.

How to get more Safari Coins

  • Purchased - You can buy more coins for real money or facebook credits.
  • Rewarded for Level Completion - Complete any level for a 75 Resources Safari Coins-Icon.
  • Coin Bonus - Complete a level with 3 stars and 'basket' even more coins.
  • Mystery gifts - Send & receive Mystery Gifts that may contain coins
  • Newsfeed - 50 Resources Safari Coins-Icon can be collected from your friend's level up posts.

Wiki Tip-Icon
Click THIS LINK to filter your facebook news feed to ONLY show Bubble Safari feeds from friends.This Bubble Safari feed filter makes it easier to collect all the rewards in one go. Why not bookmark it now?

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